Mery Godigna Collet EVPO

EVPO (2011)


EVPO or "The Ring of Fire", consists in a video - sculptural installation where artist explores past and present of petroleum and our relationship and dependence of it.

A litany of black and white images dissolve into each other: oil rigs, dinosaur skeletons, pipe lines, oil barrels, plastic toys, oil covered birds, diapers...all these things take their place with a repeated, ghostly ring of fire that comes and goes as part of the video in a hypnotic dance of signifiers of our daily life appearing and disappearing and then reappear in a continuous cycle that points to our dystopia.

Mery Godigna Collet Oaks Wandering Skin

7 Oaks or "Wandering Skin"


In a conceptual way, this work is built around themes like regeneration, memories, emotions, belonging and feelings... the eventual need of leaving a recognizable context in order to survive.

Mery Godigna Collet uses the Oak Trees as a metaphor to address these feelings and the relationship with women.

Consist in a video interview to 7 women: Sissy Farenthold, Lulu Flores, Ana Almaguel, Nilda de la LLata, Sheryl Cole, Amy Wong and Kristen O’Brien.

Mery Godigna Collet No Particular Shape

No Particular Shape series,

8 works (2015-2018)

Co produced by Blocker + Guntz

Art should be a reflection of society in a way that the “idea” should be engaged to the context.

In “No Particular Shape”, Mery Godigna Collet defines our society through migration and technology, understanding “migration” as an enriching cultural exchange and understanding “technology”, through our dependency on the technological world and as an important tool for cultural migration. Migration and technology are the “matter” for this project.

Both, migration and technology act in a liquid way. To confront this project she utilizes WATER as metaphor. From the point of view of migration, as an allegory of the water current that in its movement drags, transports and deposits diverse materials. From a technological point of view the way it acts is liquid in it sense of adaptability to circumstances and fast response.

Mery Godigna Collet SILENCE



Silence is a narrative in 4 chapters. An exploration of how an image, can change its meaning by changing sound an color.

Silence was created as part of the "Onomatopoeia" installation.

Is a story of violence against the planet.

Mery Godigna Collet No Particular Shape


series 3 works (2019-2020)

Co produced by Godigna+Gutierrez+Blocker
Sound and editing in collaboration with Malcolm Córdova

Warming climate accelerates glaciers melting, through melting across the surface of the glacier, but also through underwater melting. The glacial melt water entering warmer ocean waters is slowing ocean currents.

“Drops” was filmed with a thermal imaging camera to reflect how water with different density (temperature) mix and dissolves into each other. There are 27 (33) bell rings, completely dissonant with the poetry of the image, hoping to create awareness and urgency about climate change…. And the dream of reversing the process.