Crosswalk project

Crosswalk project is a team work by Mery Godigna Collet and Luis R Gutierrez.

Art can be lying at your feet, (literally).

Street crossings should be more than asphalt safety keyboards. We want to transform these pedestrian passages into eye-grabbing spectacles.

Our goal is to attract and grow new audiences, establish or expand the city identity as a modern and vibrant arts destination.

In daily life, we become habitual beings, who follow our own urban routines without questioning. We want to create a “surprise” in such an ordinary event as crossing a street.

We want to give a sense of unique to utilitarian urban elements and make a more joyful urban landscape.


  • Add a creative touch around the city.
  • Increase the amount of art in public places.
  • Create unique street art to give pedestrians fun reasons to cross the road by re-imagining the white on black format, since those are the colors already used in the urban vocabulary.
  • Create crosswalks in which design is related to the specific activities of the location.
  • Create these works with proven and long lasting materials

  • "MIMBRE" ESB-MACC Austin TX July 2015

    "Bridge over the Lake" Lake Austin Blvd. Austin TX July 2016

    "Blue Lines Crossing" Marfa TX March 2015