The Presence of Emptiness (2014)

The sculpture/book “The Presence of Emptiness” was presented for the first time in Marfa TX, at St. Mary’s Church in May, 2014.

“Emptiness” is always defined by something. In a physical way, we refer to an empty space, car, bottle, etc.

In an emotional way, is part of the process of grief generated by separation or significant changes.

The western cultural approach to emptiness is the “horror vacui” (which is Latin for “fear of emptiness”).

Taoism proposes that a state of emptiness is a state of stillness and placidity which is the mirror of the universe and the pure mind.

The “emptiness” of the defined space that penetrates the “pages” of the book, reflects at the same time an illusion of fulfilment and a cycled and circled story.