No Particular Shape (2015|18)

Art should be a reflection of society in a way that the “idea” should be engaged to the context.

In “No Particular Shape”, Mery Godigna Collet defines our society through migration and technology, understanding “migration” as an enriching cultural exchange and understanding “technology”, through our dependency on the technological world and as an important tool for cultural migration. Migration and technology are the “matter” for this project.

Both, migration and technology act in a liquid way. To confront this project she utilizes WATER as metaphor. From the point of view of migration, as an allegory of the water current that in its movement drags, transports and deposits diverse materials. From a technological point of view the way it acts is liquid in it sense of adaptability to circumstances and fast response.

She uses contemporary technological tools. Audio and video recording, digital manipulation, flat screen monitors and devices that allow the viewer interaction as well as the possibility of a complete virtual presentation.

This project is about using the virtual world and cultural interaction in a conceptual and material way.

Projection over San Guiacomo Church, Ferrara, Italy, Oct. 2015