El Dorado (2012)

Art is originated by the need of expression. If art is born by that need and nourished from the spiritual. In that context, it’s easy to compare the art in the Altamira Caves with the contemporary graffitists. Legends are a cultural expression that contains religious beliefs, moral values, and ways of living. They are important mirrors where the community is reflected.

El Dorado: Seven Legends from Seven Indigenous Groups of the Amazon.

Legendary figures Usidunami, Amalivaca, Kuma, Wei Kapei, Origin of Wayuu, Kanaima and Caribay—each representative of a distinct indigenous group: Warao, Ye’kuana, Yanomami, Yaruro, Wayuu, De’Arawak.

The exhibition is accompanied by didactic texts and explanations about the different indigenous groups as well as take aways.

It is a result of my own research in 2007. These legends pass in oral way from generation to generation and there is no preservation of them.

The intention is to preserve and to divulge them.

El Dorado has been exhibited in Texas, US, France, Venezuela and Italy and is preserved at the Benson Collection University of Texas Austin TX and the Quai Branly Museum in Paris France.